FZO RS Foreign insured persons

Citizens from countries with which BiH has signed conventions on  social insurance, can use health care in accordance with the conventions during their stay in RS, BiH (Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Hungary, Turkey, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Luxemburg, the Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland). Before they come to RS, they should obtain necessary forms in their own countries.

When they come to RS a form called “patient’s record” will be issued to them based on the necessary forms they have already obtained from their countries. They should be fully informed about the necessary procedure in their home countries, before they come to RS. Foreign insured persons can receive health care services in health care facilities which have contract with the Health Insurance Fund of Republika Srpska and the scope of rights listed on a ‘’patient’s record”.

While using health care services, insured persons from the countries which have signed conventions with BiH are  obliged to adhere to the procedures set forth by Republika Srpska, which means that they have to ask competent organizational unit of HIF RS to issue them the  form ‘’patient’s record”.

Insured persons from Austria and Slovenia can use European health insurance card in RS

Insured persons from Austria and Slovenia who possess a European health insurance card can use it during their temporary residence in Republika Srpska and in BiH, as well.

It means that insured persons from Austria and Slovenia do not longer need to obtain forms (A/BIH 3 or SI/BIH 3) before they come to RS, BiH, as they had to do in the past.

Namely, Health Insurance Fund of Republika Srpska is issuing a “patient’s record” for Austrian and Slovenian insured persons during their temporary stay in RS for the purpose of using health care. This form is now issued upon the European health insurance card (EHIC) or a form which temporary replaces EHIC (PRC) instead upon the forms that had been used before.

In an exceptional case, when an insured person is admitted to a hospital and does not have ‘’patient’s record”, the health institution will provide necessary data from EHIC/PRC (copy of EHIC/PRC) and forward those data to the organizational unit of Health Insurance Fund of Republika Srpska so they can issue a “patient’s record” and forward it to the health institution.

Based on the EHIC, insured persons from Austria and Slovenia are entitled to healthcare services within the Republika Srpska territory only in medical institutions which have signed contract for provision of health care with Health insurance fund of Republika Srpska. As for the scope of rights, the provisions of the Agreement on Social Security are applied.

The insured persons from Austria and Slovenia are enabled to use EHIC in Republica Srpska thanks to the agreement reached with these two countries. For the time being, insured persons from other countries, that have signed conventions with BiH, have to obtain the appropriate form before coming to RS or BiH.

Insured persons from Austria can use European health insurance card in Republika Srpska from 1st July 2015 and insured persons form Slovenia can use it from 1st January 2016.



ISO 3166Country Foreign insured persons - healthcare during a temporary stay in Republic of Srpska - Forms for:
   Posted workers; diplomatic corps (CD)Temporary stayPlanned treatment
AT Austria EHIC EHIC А/ BiH 3 (б)
BE Belgium B.Y. 11 B.Y. 11 -
DE Germany BH 6c BH 6 BH 5
FR France SE 21-04 SE 21-04A -
HR Croatia HR/BiH4 HR/BiH 3 -
HU Hungary HU/BH 111 HU/BH 111 HU/BH 112
IT Italy IT 7 IT 7 IT 8
ME Montenegro

SCG/BiH111 a;

SCG/BiH111 b

SCG/BiH111 -
MK Macedonia



RM/BiH3 -
NL Netherlands YN 111 YN 111 -
RO Romania   YU/R 11  
RS Serbia

SRB/BiH111 a;

SRB/BiH111 b

SRB/BIH 111 -
SI Slovenia SI/BiH 5, EHIC SI/BiH 4
TR Turkey TR/BH 4 TR/BH 4 TR/BH 5
LU Luxembourg LU/BiH 111 LU/BiH 111 LU/BH 112
CZ Czech PASSPORT; more at LINK
PL Poland PASSPORT; more at LINK
UK United Kingdom PASSPORT; more at LINK