FZO RS About us Mission, vision and values

Strategic development plan of FZO RS has defined the mission, development vision, values this institution is based on and strategic development goals until 2018.


HIF RS implements compulsory health insurance in Republika Srpska on the principles of solidarity, mutuality and equality of all persons included in the compulsory health insurance.

In accordance with the Law, FZO RS manages the assets of contribution payers and provides financial coverage of health services and other rights in the content and scope of the law and bylaws to all insured persons. FZO RS conducts its mission in a way that it contributes to achieving the general objectives of the health policy in RS.

Vision of development

HIF RS is an efficient service of insured persons which performs its function according to the highest standards, working in the interests of insured persons and contributing to preservation of their health, optimal accessibility, efficiency and quality of health services.

Fundamental values of health insurance in Republika Srpska:

  • Solidarity, mutuality and equality
  • Insured persons have the central role
  • Legal and transparent management of health insurance financial funds
  • Partner relationship in planning, contracting and financing of health care covered by compulsory health insurance
  • Access to quality health care
  •  Promotion of care and responsibility of every citizen to his own health

Fundamental values of FZO RS employees:

  • Constant improvement of quality of services that are offered to insured persons
  • Permanent learning and training
  • Compliance with laws, by-laws and code of ethics
  • Respect for the dignity of every human being
  • Achieving the best results
  • Satisfaction with the personal contribution to the achievement of FZO RS mission and vision

Strategic development goals:

  1. To achieve sustainable financing
  2. To contribute to fairer distribution of compulsory health insurance financial assets by improving  contracting model and financing model
  3. To provide optimum access to health care for all insured persons, respecting the principle of equality
  4. To develop FZO RS abilities to effectively accomplish the mission and achieve the development visions